Understanding the commercial real estate trends that will define the next year can help investors make the best decisions on where to put their money, according to developer Pat Mazza.

Covid-19 continues to affect the economy and it will continue to impact commercial real estate in the foreseeable future. Investors…

Pat Mazza is a force to be reckoned with when he sets his mind on reaching a specific goal and paving the way for future endeavors.

As a Microsoft executive, Pat Mazza begin to establish himself as a professional on many different levels. His drive and ambition were key to the goals he set for himself. As a young entrepreneur, he wasn’t satisfied with just moving up the corporate ladder. Instead, as he moved up, he…

Investing in commercial real estate can offer big rewards. However, it also involves taking big risks with high startup costs. Toronto land developer Pasqualino Mazza discusses tried and true strategies to make it in commercial development.

The Commercial BRRRR Acronym Works Per Pasqualino Mazza

This strategy can help you evaluate…

Pat Mazza on How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way People Buy Property

The combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has proved a potent one for the real estate market. Experienced consultant Pat Mazza has seen how these digital avenues have transformed the industry while receiving a major boost from 2020 conditions, which made off-site property analysis a popular model…

The Pat Mazza Promotes Personal Growth

People everywhere who seek true wealth owe it to themselves to check out Pat Mazza’s online platform, The Pat Mazza. It’s not merely about monetary wealth, although that’s part of it. It includes spiritual and intellectual wealth as well — all the things that make up the fullness of life.

The Pat Mazza Promotes Personal Growth passion is sharing

Pat Mazza

Pat Mazza is transitioning into land development and commercial real estate. He has taken his sales skillset and decided to use it in the commercial real estat.

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